Welcome to Midwest Customs

About Us

Being a family-owned and operated company, Midwest Customs treats its clients as if they were an extension of the family. We strive to provide excellent services, great products, and even better prices. At Midwest Customs, we are not satisfied until you are!

We color customize industrial coatings that are rust proof, sound deadening, water/salt/corrosion and extreme temp-resistant; preparing the metal by sandblasting, phosphate steam cleaning and/or acid washing. We have partnered up with various materials’ companies such as Fluid Film®, Scorpion®, CeraKote®, Raptor Coatings®, Prismatic Powders®, IFS Powder Coating, DYC: Dip Your Car, Vivid Racing, DIDSPADE®, and 3M Paint Protection Film to provide you and your vehicle unmatched protection.

At Midwest Customs, we use highly specialized products to provide our services. These products protect some of your biggest investments as well as extend the life of the same. Next to your home, your family and work, vehicles and leisure toys are some of the largest purchases you make. Why not protect them and extend the life for many years of use and pleasure? Here, we help people PROTECT their investments for both personal and professional use and customize it to the color of choice.

Our Philosophy

Protecting and extending the life of some of your biggest financial investments. Don’t just buy what you need and love; protect it!

Our Vision

To grow the business and educate our clientele on how and why to protect themselves from the high cost of maintenance and repairs for their vehicles, motorcycles, boats, trailers, trucks and businesses.